Bailey Genevieve Hatcher — 2018 High Schooler Who Will Change The World


Student: Bailey Genevieve Hatcher
School: Westlake High School
Parents: Korin Hatcher & Kelly Hatcher

If you want to see what makes Bailey Hatcher stand out, visit the Springville Museum of Art’s 94th Annual Spring Salon and you will see one of her pieces (5-feet by 6-feet), which took a rented U-haul to transport from Lehi to Springville.

Mini-resume 30 ACT, 3.99 GPA, Scored 5 on the AP Studio Art exam, Top visual arts Sterling Scholar for the Wasatch Region, numerous art exhibits including the Urban Arts Gallery, Rio Gallery, held a season craft demo for assisted living residents and coordinated food drives for those in need.

Plans after high school The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, studying fine arts with an emphasis in painting. Opening an atelier.

Personal motto There is always a way to do something completely new, and it starts with self discovery.

Advice for freshmen Nothing should come between you and what you love. Those who care for you will respect that.

Guilty pleasure I look at Instagram more than I should to see what other artists are making. To be fair, though, that is where I’ve found my artistic idols and opportunities.

No. 1 thing learned in high school It takes a lot of strength to turn a challenge into an opportunity, but with persistence, it can be done.

Best advice you received Focus on both conceptual and traditional practice. Never neglect one for the other.

How will you change the world? I will go down in art history books as the artist who challenged the basis of art and sparked a new movement.

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