Best Reception Centers: Instagram-worthy venues across Utah Valley


These picture-perfect paradises are part of Utah Valley’s wedding scene. However, weddings aren’t the only events these Best of Utah Valley reception centers have hosted. Find out what makes these four winners #InstagramWorthy.

Wadley Farms

(Photo by Alisha Bishop)

A perfect fairytale picture, Wadley Farms has been a working farm since 1868. Now one of the area’s most popular wedding reception venues, Wadley Farms has also hosted a Winter Yule Ball (Harry Potter approved!) and served as the location for multiple YouTube videos, including BYU Vocal Point and Lexi Walker’s “Beauty and the Beast A Capella Medley,” which garnered nearly 5 million views.

Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point

Everyone wants a piece of Thanksgiving Point’s venues. Couples from around the world have flown in to hold their wedding celebration in Lehi. There are more than five locations at the expansive 55-acre garden to host outdoor or indoor weddings. Guests can get a taste of class from the waterfalls or soak in the ambiance with the Italian rose gardens.

The Bungalow

(Taylee Winder Photography)

The Bungalow is Utah County’s own secret garden. Known as “a pleasant oasis in the heart of a busy city,” The Bungalow includes a European garden, lush landscape and historic building. Outside of the many traditional elegant weddings, The Bungalow has organized unique celebrations, including a medieval themed wedding where guests ate at long, wood banquet tables and drank out of goblets.

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