Rhiannon Gray — 2018 High Schooler Who Will Change The World


Student: Rhiannon Gray
School: Skyridge High School
Parents: David Gray & Melina McMillan

Aspiring artist Rhiannon Gray presented her school with a proposal to sculpt a $20,000 falcon monument for the school. Proposal accepted.

Mini-resume Winner of David O. McKay School of Education award of excellence, grand prize and first-place ribbons at ASD 2018 art show, winner of Utah Senate visual arts competition, sculpted falcon monument for Skyridge High, drama council.

Plans after high school LDS mission (Philippines Naga Mission), Carnegie Mellon University to study theater design and production. Set designer for professional theater.

Advice for freshmen Don’t look for happiness and validation from outside sources. You need to know and love yourself and develop confidence in your own abilities.

Keys to happiness in high school Find what you’re passionate about and practice it consistently.

Most common thing parents say to you You’re such a nerd.

Biggest pressure My own desire to be better. My inner motivation drowns out all external pressures, and in that way I am very lucky.

Best advice you have received Don’t go into something where you only enjoy the finished product. Do something where you enjoy the process.

Others describe you Creative, positive, motivated.

How will you change the world? I hope through my art I will spread awareness in communities about important issues and encourage individuals to better themselves.

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