Tanner Frahm — 2018 High Schooler Who Will Change The World


Student: Tanner Frahm
School: Timpanogos High School
Parents: Scott & Becky Frahm

Tanner Frahm is s server. From his time as student body vice president to his impending LDS mission to Atlanta, Tanner blesses others.

Mini-resume Hope of America, student body vice president, Daniels Fund Scholar, National Honors Society, 4.0 GPA, 35 ACT.

Plans after high school LDS mission to Atlanta, BYU, marriage and family.

Personal motto Don’t try to make the whole world better today. Try to make one person’s world better for this day.

Advice for freshmen Participate in many different things so you can figure out what fits you and work hard in all of them.

Most common thing parents say to you Control what you can control and don’t stress about the rest.

No. 1 thing learned in high school With the right people and right attitude, you can make any situation a great one.

Best high school memory I don’t have one high school experience I remember above the rest, but I will never forget the people and friends and feeling a part of something great.

Best advice you received People won’t remember what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel.

Stress management Talk with a parent or friend, focus on things I can control while trying to disregard the rest.

How will you change the world? Whatever I personally learn or gain in life means nothing, unless I can use it to help others. I will try to help others no matter where or what the future brings.

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