Will Tribe — 2018 High Schooler Who Will Change The World


Student: Will Tribe
School: Pleasant Grove High School
Parents: Troy & Renee Tribe

Will Tribe could be in a movie as the prototypical energetic high schooler. However, he’s atypical in the way he looks beyond himself and builds the lives of others around him.

Mini-resume Mr. Viking, spirit of excellence from Alpine School District, student body president, lacrosse, tennis, cross country.

Plans after high school University of Utah studying business. LDS mission. Help others through creativity and fun.

Keys to happiness in high school Look outside of yourself and understand that others are going through the hardest things of their lives.

Advice for freshmen 1) Do one thing that makes you uncomfortable every day. 2) Be kind.  3) Do weird things.

Guilty pleasure Roller skating to school. Plus, I love to see movies by myself. The last one I saw by myself was “Isle of Dogs” by Wes Anderson.

Challenge to overcome Letting myself be vulnerable. I’ve struggled with things — pornography, low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy — but I’ve learned how to work through them. I let others know they can work through their own things.

Most common thing parents say to you “Your mom and I are going out of town,” and “Take a jacket.”

Best advice you received It’s OK to struggle. Everybody does.

Stress management I just have to go off and be by myself. Roller skating helps. Maybe say a swear word.

How will you change the world? One person at a time. If I can make someone smile, I will have made a difference to them.

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