40 Under 40: Amy Rasmussen


Company: Ivy Girl Academy
Title: Executive Director
Age: 34
City: Spanish Fork

Amy Poppins That’s Amy Rasmussen’s nickname for a reason. As the director of Ivy Academy, which teaches elite leadership skills to girls ages 8-21, Rasmussen has empowered those around her with hard work, optimism and a spoonful of motivation. At 23, she was the youngest state director within the Miss America Organization, and she has been the state director for the Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen Scholarship since 2007. She is a motivational and keynote speaker (and has shared remarks with an audience of more than 35,000), and has a wildly popular Facebook channel, High 5 Live, where she shares her beliefs on Internet safety.

Childhood Vision “Nurse or Home Shopping Network Host.”

Growing Up “Independent! I ran for student office, auditioned for community theatre and entered myself in modeling contests and pageants. My poor parents! They were always being roped into crazy things. They were (and still are) the most amazing supporters.”

School of Thought “I had straight As … unless you consider math a subject.”

Hindsight is 20/20 “I would have turned off the negative voices of others much sooner. I wish I’d given less emotional control to the people who didn’t appreciate my talents and hard work. Haters really are gonna hate sometimes — but that doesn’t mean we have to care that they do.”

Out of Sight! “I am NOT a thrill seeker. However, I’ve been on a safari in South Africa, zip lined two of the biggest courses in the Western hemisphere, rafted the Colorado River and jet skied in gator-infested waters. Apparently, my husband can talk me into a lot of things.”

Ultimate Vision “I would love to see the Ivy Girl Academy in every state across America — and further extend our global initiatives.”


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