40 Under 40: Blake Murray


Company: Divvy
Title: Founder + CEO
Age: 34
City: Lehi

Divvy + Conquer Blake Murray has become a tech startup titan with roles as both angel investor and startup operator. But his new venture, Divvy, is shaping up to rule them all. The expense management solution company is filling a major hole in the market — and it’s doing so with forward-thinking technology thought up by a business owner, for business owners. Plus, Murray has the angel world flapping their wings. This past May, Divvy raised $10.5 million in a Series A funding round led by Pelion Ventures, and including personal investors Josh James of Domo, Aaron Skonnard of Pluralsight, and Jeremy Andrus of Traeger Grills.

Childhood Vision “Wildlife biologist.”

Growing Up “I loved sports and animals and most of my life revolved around both of those. We had a small farm and I raised goats, chickens, and donkeys. I was competitive, outgoing and stubborn … or so I’m told!”

School of Thought “School didn’t resonate with me. It definitely serves as a spring board, and I believe in education as a critical foundation for learning. But I found greater value in immersing myself into companies rather than case studies.”

Clearing The Mind “I spend time with my wife, kids and dogs …. and then I get to work at night. We’re in the phase where it never really stops.”

Hindsight is 20/20 “I wish I would have prioritized relationship building more in the early stages of my career.”

See Straight “I’ve suffered from paralysis by analysis like the best of them. However, Divvy felt right from its inception, and I jumped in once the concept took shape in my mind.”

A Visionary Is “Someone unafraid to think big and swing for the fences.”

Out Of Sight! “I led a research group that studied elephants in Kenya.”

Ultimate Vision “To help demographics that didn’t receive the opportunities that I did growing up.”


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