40 Under 40: Brett Griffiths


Company: Building Beginnings + MIH Remodeling
Title: Founder + CEO
Age: 36
City: Provo

Built to Last Brett Griffiths’ story is one of remodeling, retribution and recovery. In 2003, he started his own remodeling business — a trade he learned (and perfected) with the help of his father. His client base grew — but so did his dependence on drugs and alcohol. Eventually, after overcoming addiction, Griffiths feared he would have to leave the trade he loved. It was difficult to find work with his background, so once again, he had to build his own path. Griffiths founded MIH Remodeling and employed other recovery addicts (many with felonies) who were having trouble finding a job. This support system, he learned, was a critical component to overcoming addiction. So Griffiths went on to create Building Beginnings, a nonprofit organization that offers recovering addicts jobs in the construction field, affordable housing, an out-patient treatment program, and hope for a new life.

Childhood Vision “Dirt bike racer.”

Growing Up “I was very outgoing and always wanted to be the best at whatever I was involved in.”

School Of Thought “I wasn’t the best learner when it came to reading books, so I spent high school riding my dirt bike with friends.”

Eye On The Prize “I’m most proud of being in recovery from drugs and alcohol, because that’s what led me to start my company. I’ve been able to help others with no skills gain a good career and support their families. ”

Clearing The Mind “I like to go on long drives with my wife and go to the movies with my kids.”

Hindsight is 20/20 “I wouldn’t always be so focused on money.”

Ultimate Vision “I’m going to take my recovery-based construction concept nationwide and change the way recovery is achieved and sustained. I also want to change the construction industry stigma.”


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