Company: JJUMPP
Title: Founder + CEO
Age: 30
City: Lehi

Mad Hops When Chad Ingram JJUMPPs, the world says, “How Jhigh?” (We’ll be here all Jday.) This almost-lawyer dropped out of BYU in pursuit of his entrepreneurial dreams, and Ingram is now on his third successful venture. JJUMPP is an online presence platform that helps small businesses with their customer engagement. Headquartered in Lehi, with offices in Washington and Arizona, the fast-growing company has a top-notch leadership team, killer software and happy clients.      

Childhood Vision “A pilot or something in the military.”

Growing Up “I was a little obnoxious and very curious. I was constantly building things like my tree house and off exploring the hills behind my house. I spent a lot of time alone.”

School Of Thought “I was a bad student, for sure. I realized early that traditional education was not for me.”

Hindsight is 20/20 “I would have focused on becoming a better leader.”

Clearing The Mind “This is super important, and I try and commit to doing things with adrenaline to

clear my mind. Such as, riding my dirt bike, hitting the highway for a fast drive, or shooting guns.”

A Visionary Is “Someone who provides direction.”

Out Of Sight! “The craziest thing I’ve ever done was drive my car 165 mph sustained during a super car event. That was scary and exhilarating.”

Ultimate Vision “I see myself at the head of the best online presence platform company in the world. I’m confident we can do that. And my ultimate dream is to provide an organization that helps people both

internally and externally. This is all about people.”

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