40 Under 40: Chris Baird


Company: ObservePoint
Title: VP of Marketing
Age: 35
City: Provo

Points of Observations Chris Baird knows how to pick ’em. After studying business at the Marriott School of Management, he joined the team at Omniture, led by the two-and-only Josh James and John Pestana. Once Omniture sold to Adobe for $1.8 billion, Baird stayed on for almost eight years. His next move came when Pestana came calling. Baird joined ObservePoint (Pestana’s latest venture), to help build out its marketing team. And over the past four years, they’ve become the industry leader in digital data governance.

Childhood Vision “Garbage man or shortstop for the Oakland A’s.”

Growing Up “I was always outside. Independent. Competitive. I enjoyed working early on. I loved baseball — and still love playing. And I preferred a small group of close friends over going to parties.”

School of Thought “I cruised until the night before an exam — and then I’d pull an all-nighter studying.”

Eye On The Prize “I am a good judge of someone’s professional character and potential.”

Hindsight is 20/20 “Maybe I would have worked on Wall Street for a few years before moving back west.”

A Visionary Is “Jason Bourne in the short term, and the ability to predict what consumers value inside your respective industry in the long term.”

Out Of Sight! “Summited Mount Rainier with only 12 ounces of water.”

Ultimate Vision “CMO, author and speaker.”


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