Company: Clint Pulver Entertainment
Title: Founder + Keynote Speaker
Age: 31
City: Pleasant Grove

A Star is Born Let’s talk Clint Pulver — the talk (and drummer!) of our town. Pulver is one of the most sought-after keynotes in the land, as he speaks to thousands of business leaders on the importance of connecting generations, mentorship in the workplace, self-discovery, and striving for true significance in life. Pulver is also an actor (we’re talking Saturday’s Warrior, people!), and was a true leader at UVU (the university recently gave him the distinguished Young Alumni Award). During his time as a Wolverine, Pulver was a Presidential Leader, UVU Ambassador, UVU Student Body Vice-President, and founder of the Greenman Group, UVU’s popular drumline. You might even say he talked a green streak. *Rimshot*

Childhood Vision “I wanted to run away with the circus and work with the animals. I also wanted to be a helicopter pilot. I quickly realized I was allergic to ALL animals with fur, and I also had a rare eye disease that prevented me from flying professionally. I figured it was God’s way of saying, ‘Nope! I have other things I need you to do.'”

Growing Up “I had a huge imagination, and I loved building and creating things. I was always being told to slow down/sit still. “

Clearing The Mind “Playing drums and rocking out to Def Leppard.”

A Visionary Is “Someone whose ideas come from the heart and are not restricted by the limitations of our brains.”

Out Of Sight! “In February, I bungee jumped off the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe — one of the largest free-fall bungee jumps in the world!”

Ultimate Vision “My goal is to be one of the best speakers who brings the highest value to organizations and the people I speak to. Being the best speaker ‘in the world’ is a nice idea, but I hope to be one of the best speakers ‘for the world.'”

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