Company: Alakazam
Title: CEO
Age: 34
City: Provo

Magic in the Air And boy is IT working. Brewer’s focus on consistency and reliability has led to fast growth and clients in 35 states. What’s more, it has won the company repeated “best customer service” recognitions.

Alakazam straight it did! (See? Endlessly fun. #alakazam #alakazoo)

Childhood Vision “A marine biologist.”

Growing Up “I loved playing outside and building forts and tree houses. We were outside riding bikes and playing from sun up to sun down.”

School of Thought “I was a very distracted student. I was always looking to get the assignments done quickly so I could get back outside.”

Hindsight Is 20/20 I’ve learned from everything I’ve done. I wouldn’t trade those lessons for anything.

Clearing The Mind “Spending time at home with my family and my yard. I still spend as much time outside as I can.”

A Visionary Is “Vision is the ability to understand what you’re working toward. But the real magic comes when your team truly understands and sees your vision — when it becomes their vision, too.”

Out Of Sight! “Craziest thing I’ve done? As a child, I lit myself on fire while burning weeds in my parents’ backyard.”

Ultimate Vision “To turn Alakazam into a worldwide brand. I also want to help as many people as I can with their systems and support, and celebrate my team for their hard work. If I can continue to do that, I’ll be a happy man.”

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