40 Under 40: Haley Chipman


Company: Bella Lash
Title: Co-founder
Age: 26
City: Vineyard

Lashes For Days Haley Chipman was studying to be a nurse, and her husband, Zach, was studying to be a mechanical engineer. To help pay for school, Chipman decided to learn the eyelash extension trade. She did just that, but not without being frustrated by the products and her experience with the company. Haley and Zach didn’t blink an eye about thinking they could do it better. And today, over 20 patents later, Bella Lash has more than 100,000 active customers and is used in more than 60 countries. 

Childhood Vision “I always knew I wanted to be a nurse because I loved helping people. It’s cool because I actually fulfill this dream at work. I get to empower professionals in my industry with the tools they need to be successful. I also get to use my degree in everyday work by ensuring the health and safety of our training and products.”

Growing Up “I was a total tomboy who loved all sports (especially soccer). Funny that I am in the beauty industry now, right? I learned a lot from playing soccer. I learned how to work hard, be dedicated, and play as a team. I am also very competitive, which has proven to be helpful in business over the years.”

Clearing The Mind “I like a nice bubble bath.”

A Visionary Is “Someone who sees the world as it is now, not worse or better than it is, and has a vision of how they can make it better.”

Out Of Sight! “Night-surfing at Lake Powell covered in glow sticks is the greatest feeling in the world and the coolest thing I have ever done. If it was legal, I would recommend it to everyone!”

Ultimate Vision “I want to retire knowing I did the best I could and I was the best in the world at it.”


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