40 Under 40: Jessica D. Egbert


Company: Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
Title: VP of Institutional Effectiveness + Community Engagement
Age: 39
City: Provo

The Doctor Is In Dr. Jessica Egbert’s career has been a tour de force in education. With several prestigious degrees in hand (including a PhD in educational leadership), she is a key player at RMUoHP, sits on various local boards (including UVU and the Utah Valley Chamber), is the recipient of numerous industry awards for performance excellence, leadership and service, and is an entrepreneur with her business strategy and consulting firm, Insight Leadership.

Childhood Vision “My youngest aspirations were to be an ice skater like Katarina Witt, but considering to this day I can’t even balance on a treadmill, this was not meant to be.”

Growing Up “I was tenderhearted, creative, and organized. I often felt like an outsider at home and at school. I was severely ridiculed for being overweight, which destroyed my sense of worth and resulted in a lifelong need to compensate for that perceived ‘failure’ by overachieving in other areas. I share this not for sympathy, but as a commentary on how challenges bring about achievement. I owe a lot of my current success to the grittiness I developed as a child.”

School of Thought “I was a dedicated student and loved seeing a red A+ scrawled on my papers and exams.”

Hindsight is 20/20 “I would’ve started saying ‘Yes’ and asking ‘Why not?’ sooner. These simple words are essential to my capacity to embrace and encourage positive change.”

Out Of Sight! “My most memorable scuba dive was a manta ray feeding station in Hawaii. Witnessing giant animals in a choreographed, overhead water ballet is ethereal, while the pitch black ocean and its sneaky creatures are chilling. I was paralyzed with amazement.”

Ultimate Vision “I simply want to have mattered to those people and organizations with whom my path has crossed.”


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