40 Under 40: Michael Sharp


Company: Jive Communications
Title: Co-founder + Chief Product Officer
Age: 36
City: Orem

Jivin’ + Thrivin’ Michael Sharp is sharp. After graduating magna cum laude from BYU, he co-founded Jive Communications in 2006 and ultimately  grew it into an economic powerhouse. Jive has more than 700 employees, has had triple-digit growth year after year, and has $100+ million of recurring revenue. The company was recently acquired by LogMeIn, a public company based in Boston.

Childhood Vision “Until halfway through my LDS mission, high school choir director was the career target. Music has always been important to me, and I still sing every chance I get.”

School of Thought “My approach to education has been high-achieving, focused, super excited about learning anything and everything. I graduated college in four years with 268 credits.”

Eye On The Prize “Starting a business is hard work, but the people we brought together to run Jive during those hard, early years made all the difference. We were able to achieve significant scale. Building and working with these teams has been a joy.”

Clearing The Mind “There’s nothing better than pulling up to the house each evening to a family who loves you and is excited to see you.”

A Visionary Is “Someone who has the mental flexibility to see the world differently, and a willingness to engage in the work needed to make it so.”

Out Of Sight! “Starting a family, a company, and a master’s degree — all at the same time.”

Ultimate Vision “Since founding Jive, I have literally never thought about my ‘career.’ I want my work to have meaning, I want to add value to the organizations I’m a part of, and I want to help the teams I work with be successful.”


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