40 Under 40: Mike Maughan


Company: Qualtrics
Title: Head of Global Insights
Age: 35
City: Provo

Right on Q Mike Maughan, head of global insights at survey superstar Qualtrics, is a powerhouse — without question. Not only has he been involved in worldwide humanitarian relief projects (in countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, Thailand and Ghana), he has been an instrumental part of the growth of the billion-dollar giant, which is taking over the world (and Fortune 500 list) one survey at a time. On top of it all, Maughan has set out to make a difference in the epidemic that touches us all: cancer. He is the co-founder of 5 For The Fight, which invites everyone to give $5 to the crucial cause of beating this terrible disease once and forever.

Childhood Vision “Television news broadcaster.”

Growing Up “I was creative … and more serious than a kid should be.”

School of Thought “I worked hard and did well. Once my mom made me skip class one day in the fourth grade to go skiing, and I was really sad that it ruined my perfect attendance record. Like I said, I was too serious.”

Eye On The Prize “I’m most proud of working with Ryan Smith to create 5 For The Fight. It is now a global non-profit supported by Qualtrics offices, customers and friends around the world. This includes the partnership with the Utah Jazz where Qualtrics sponsored the team’s jersey and then donated the patch to 5 For The Fight — making the campaign very big, very fast. Everyone has been impacted by cancer. Our goal is to make sure the next generation doesn’t have to fight the same battles.”

Out Of Sight! “I spent a summer living in northern Ghana working on a guinea worm eradication project. In addition to training, we spent much of our time pulling worms out of people’s feet and legs.”

Ultimate Vision “Have a positive impact on my community and world. Business is not a selfish endeavor or a zero-sum game. I hope to use my work to help people be happier.”


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