40 Under 40: Tara Ivie


Company: Utah Valley University
Title: Senior Director Women’s Success Center
Age: 35
City: Orem

The Third Degree Tara Ivie has a bachelor’s degree in political science, a master’s degree in academic advising administration, and she will receive her PhD in education in 2019. What’s more, she is a bonafide cheerleader for education — a role she gets to exercise daily in her position at UVU’s Women’s Success Center. “I’ve always passionately believed that education is the best way to affect change,” she says. “After working in the private sector and with the military, I found my home in higher education.”

Childhood Vision “President of the United States.”

Growing Up “I was adventurous! I always wanted to be outside, no matter the weather. I was also very  determined. When I decided what I wanted, I kept working until I found a way to accomplish it. I grew up playing lots of sports, so I loved working with a team and pushing toward a greater goal.”

School of Thought “I loved school and loved learning. Though I got good grades, I had terrible study habits. Thankfully I learned to be a good student in college.”

Eye On The Prize “I am most proud of helping students overcome significant odds to complete their degree.”

Hindsight is 20/20 “Listen first; talk second.”

A Visionary Is “Someone who can see the big picture and make choices leading to the best possible outcome for the greatest number of people. It means putting your ego aside and doing the right thing.”

Ultimate Vision “I’ve never had a specific position I wanted to attain. I love helping people understand the impact a degree has in your personal, family, community and professional life. I want to advocate for others and help them improve their lives. Post-career, the dream is to live a life where I don’t have to use a calendar.”


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