40 Under 40: Trent Mano


Company: Convoi
Title: Co-founder
Age: 34
City: Orem

Mano a Mano Trent Mano’s business ventures go hand in hand. On the one hand, he’s a financial advisor at Northwestern Mutual and was acknowledged as the No. 2 largest practice in the Western region in 2017. On the other hand, he’s the co-founder of Convoi, which provides incredible worldwide experiences to CEOs of tech companies and fast-growing businesses. Plus, this past spring, Mano co-founded the Sego Awards, which is Utah’s first black-tie acknowledgment for female founders and CEOs. Now put your hands together for Trent Mano …

Childhood Vision “NBA player.”

Growing Up “I was obsessive … sports, Nintendo, reading. I was big into collecting things like trading cards, rocks, and Pez dispensers.”

School of Thought “In K-12, my teachers never liked me because I talked too much and always tried to play pranks. In college, I never studied. I was too busy playing.”

Eye On The Prize “I’ve always tried to play the long game and put relationships above profits. I surround myself with people who make me better.”

Hindsight is 20/20 “I would have taken more risks when I was in college and single. I was more afraid of failure then than I am now.”

Clearing The Mind “Cleaning while listening to a podcast. Hard to relax in a messy house, and the house is always messy from our kids. And not like some smart NPR podcast, but Bill Simmons or Comedy Bang Bang. Something that kills brain cells.”

Out Of Sight! “I wrestled in the ring with luchadores in Mexico City on a recent Convoi trip! I think we were the first group to ever do this.”

Ultimate Vision “Write a million dollar check to a cause I’m passionate about.”


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