UV BusinessQ Board: What’s the key to being an effective boss?


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In the Summer 2018 issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ, we asked our editorial board, “What’s the key to being an effective boss?” Theses bosses shared their expertise.

James Clarke

James Clarke, Founder, Clarke Capital Partners

“Not an effort to be falsely modest, but this is one area of my profession where I continue to struggle. Just when I think I’ve made progress or have mastered a certain principle in our business, I seemingly need to re-learn the same lesson over and over again. It’s a process — but one where the outcome is always worth the extra effort.”


Gary Garrett

Gary Garrett, VP of Corporate Relations, Nu Skin

“Connect with team members on both a professional and personal level by showing concern for them and for their families. I try to engage with my team and get to know each of them as a person first in order to better understand and communicate with them as an employee. Employees are best positioned for success at work when they feel connected to their team and the company culture.”

Edward Axley

Edward Axley, Principal, Davies Design Build

“Wisely delegate clear responsibilities — and give trusted authority to fulfill them.”




Briana Stewart

Briana Stewart, Managing Editor, Utah Valley BusinessQ

“Just add humor. The ability to laugh together through stressful tasks begets levity and loyalty. And as ‘World’s Best Boss’ Michael Scott said, ‘I’m a friend first. A boss second. And probably an entertainer third.’”


Jeff Rust

Jeff Rust, CEO, Corporate Alliance

“Clarity and consistency. We all work best when we know the tune and have a great operational rhythm.”



Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith, Founder, Four Foods Group

Lead from the Front. The leader should be the one who sets the pace, destination and direction of the company on a daily, weekly and annual basis. If the leader doesn’t set this course, the team will ultimately get diverted and disperse.”


Jared Turner

Jared Turner, Chief Technology Officer, Boostability

Empower, enable, and engage with your personnel. Give them direction and decision- making ability (empower). Remove roadblocks and give them the support they need to be successful (enable), and understand their needs, success metrics, and simply get to know them personally (engage).”


Simeon Vance, Attorney at Fillmore Spencer

Simeon Vance, Attorney, Fillmore Spencer

“I appreciate Simon Sinek’s book, ‘Leaders Eat Last,’ and particularly the concept of leading with action: ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.’”

Jarrod Hunt

Jarrod Hunt, Executive VP of Industrial Services, Colliers International

“One critical component to being an effective boss is to get in the ‘trenches’ so the team understands they are not being asked to do something the boss isn’t willing to do as well. It also helps by understanding first-hand what the team is being asked to do and experiencing the level of resources needed for success.”


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