His kids No. 1 fan: Boston marathon winner now bikes and cheers


Jerry Henley

By Sydnie Storer

Jerry Henley grew up loving sports, but it wasn’t until he tried running that he found his pace.

“Running helps you succeed in whatever else you  are doing in life,” Jerry says. “It’s not about the day of the event, but it’s about all the days leading up to the race.”

This Alpine local first started running when he lived in Arkansas. He moved to Utah to attend BYU, where he ran cross country and track for four years — although he doesn’t believe he reached his peak as a student athlete.

“I wasn’t that great at BYU,” Jerry says. “I became great with time because I worked harder than anybody else. The really good guys quit early because they had already accomplished everything, but I didn’t quit.”

Jerry ran in marathons until he was 48. (He’s 59 now.)

Jerry has laced up for more than 90 marathons, including four Boston Marathons. At the 2002 Boston Marathon, he won first place at in the team masters division and tenth place in the individual masters division. He’s run for shoe companies like Asics and Saucony and his name is forever recorded as being in the top 5 fastest times in the world for his age group.

“Being fit enables you to think more clearly,” he says. “On my runs, I figure out more things than when I’m just at my desk at work. Running is more than just a love. It’s a passion.”

Jerry now lives in Alpine with his wife, Melanie. He also works as the CEO of Rubicon Capital. Since his marathon days, Jerry has added mountain biking to his fitness repertoire, but his favorite sporting events are ones where he’s on the sideline watching his seven kids.

“I’ve helped coach all the kids to a certain level,” he says. “There’s been nothing more fun for me than being with them when they’re participating in outdoor activities.”

Inside Game

“Our favorite family indoor activities include Jump On It and anything at Thanksgiving Point.”

Outside The Box

“I love mountain biking the Corner Canyon Trail and taking four-wheelers to the dunes in Moab.”

Fitness Enthusiast

“Three times a week I run 6 miles, and the other days I mountain bike.”

Healthy Go-Tos

“I can’t eat like I used to, but Clif Bars are great. They’re not too heavy, and they seem to give me just enough energy.”

No. 1 Fan

“I have to be able to travel to my kids’ events. I have to have the time and money to be with them. It’s very important to me. ”

Pump Up Songs

“I love country music, especially the ballads. Tim McGraw is my favorite.”


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