Everybody has a story: Glass-half-full kind of life

Springville’s Kaylyn Hickman is a high school sweetheart success story, the leader of a four-daughter household and an eternal optimist.


A boating accident in Lake Powell led to Kaylyn Hickman’s daughter getting 42 stitches and a reminder to the family of how important is to be surrounded by good people. (Photo by Dave Blackhurt/UV Mag)

As told by Kate Nash

I grew up in Logan and later moved to Cedar City after my parent’s divorce when I was 11. I remember being totally surprised by the divorce because I never saw them fighting. Luckily for me though, there aren’t any hard feelings today and it has actually made us closer as siblings.

One of the best things about moving to Cedar City was that I met my future husband, Chris, in middle school. I thought he was the cutest thing I had ever seen. We dated throughout high school, and after graduation he served an LDS mission in Sydney, Australia.

After his mission, Chris and I got married and he decided on a career in pharmaceutical sales in the veterinary industry. It moved us around a bit, but I was happy because it was the perfect job for him as it combined his love of ranching and business. Our first position was in Redding, California. We were so excited to be on our own and buy our first house. That experience of moving away made us grow up. We lived in California for three years before relocating to Twin Falls, Idaho, for another position within the company. Eventually, we were able to take a job that brought us to Springville and we love it here.

[pullquote]”We have been married 23 years, and I think date night is our key to success.” — Kaylyn Hickman[/pullquote]

I am a mom to four daughters: Sydney (20), Gracie (17), Karly (14) and Hadley (10). It’s funny that we have four girls because my husband comes from a family of all boys. I have tried to keep the drama to a minimum, and my husband is good at balancing us all out. Although, I remember one of my daughter’s crying when I went out of town because she knew her dad would have to do her hair.

One of our family’s favorite activities is boating at Deer Creek and Lake Powell. This summer we had a boating accident at Lake Powell that made us realize the importance of having good people around. My daughter Hadley was wake surfing, and after she went down, one of the other boats in our group ran right over the top of her. It was a total accident and the boat propeller skimmed her left foot, missing her main artery by one millimeter. Watching that boat go over the top of my daughter was one of scariest things I have ever witnessed. I wondered what condition she would be in when she came out the other side. It was only seconds, but they were the longest seconds of my life. The part that stands out to me was that immediately after it happened, all the chaos stopped within me and around me, and everyone just calmly jumped in and helped. We took her back to the houseboat where my periodontist brother-in-law was able to suture the wound with the help of my daughter Sydney. Hadley was given a blessing and there was a feeling of reverence and peace as we drove her to the emergency room where she was given 42 stitches. We witnessed a miracle!

Now that my kids are older, I have more time for things like running, working at the LDS Provo City Center Temple, bettering myself, and spending time with my family and friends. When it comes to date night, you can find us at Joe Bandido’s or Art City Trolley here in Springville. We have been married 23 years, and I think date night is our key to our success.


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