Sister Aburto shares story of tragedy, hope and conversion to LDS Church in video series


Sister Reyna Aburto, second counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency, shared her conversion story in a three-part video series. (Screenshot)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a video series on Thursday detailing major life events in Sister Reyna Aburto’s life.

“I knew I needed to share my story, even though there were parts of my life that I didn’t want to relive,” Sister Aburto, who serves as the second counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency, wrote at the beginning of her blog accompanying the videos.

Her story is broken down into three videos titled “Heartbreak and Hope,” “A Difficult Journey” and “A New Beginning.” Each video chronologies different points in her life. In total, the videos last about 30 minutes.

“Since I was called as a member of the General Relief Society Presidency, Sister Bingham has encouraged me to help the members of the Church get to know me,” Sister Aburto explained her purpose for sharing her story in the blog post. “I felt strongly that I should share my conversion story—that I have a testimony that we can be with our families forever.”

The three videos walk viewers through Sister Aburto’s life, beginning when she was only nine years old. In the first video, “Heartbreak and Hope,” Sister Aburto shares what it was like surviving the devastating Nicaragua earthquake in 1972 while mourning the loss of her brother.

In the second video, “A Difficult Journey,” Sister Aburto shares her experience being married to an alcoholic who neglected their young son, which led to their eventual divorce. Along the way, she shares lessons learned from these experiences.

“People make choices and that freedom to make choices comes from God. He has given us that freedom, and that’s why he cannot stop people from doing bad things,” Sister Aburto said in the video. “And I know that it happens in our lives sometimes that we have these longings, we have these questions, and we have these things that we don’t really know the reasons, but if we are patient, the answer will come one day and we will finally have that peace that we’ve been looking for.”

The third video, “A New Beginning,” documents Sister Aburto’s story about her conversion to the LDS Church.

“I have gone through very hard times. The scars are still there,” Sister Aburto said at the end of the video. “The consequences, the pain is still there. But the Lord has rebuilt my life and has allowed me to have joy in this life through His tender mercies and the atonement of the Lord.”

Watch the three-part video series on Mormon Channel’s YouTube channel.

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