5 online gems that will revitalize your scripture study


In the April 2017 general conference, then-President Thomas S. Monson invited every member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to read from the Book of Mormon every day. In a recent worldwide devotional for youth, President Russell M. Nelson built on this invitation. He said, “As you continue to read daily from the Book of Mormon, you will learn the doctrine of the gathering, truths about Jesus Christ, His Atonement, and the fulness of His gospel not found in the Bible.”

If you’d like to learn more during your scripture study but don’t know where to start, these five resources can help. In addition to reading the text of the Book of Mormon, the study helps available here can help you learn the doctrine as President Nelson promised.

1. Gospel Topics

These essays have been released a few at a time since 2013, so you may have already heard about them. But they’re worth mentioning again because these essays — written by historians and approved by the First Presidency — can help you become more self-reliant in your gospel study. Essay topics include Jesus Christ; Heavenly Mother; Joseph Smith’s teachings about priesthood, temple, women; race and the priesthood; and more. Study with Gospel Topics here.

2. Doctrinal Mastery resources

If you graduated from seminary prior to 2017, you missed the Church’s new approach to scripture mastery. “Doctrinal Mastery” focuses on helping seminary students build and strengthen faith in Jesus Christ and understand important doctrines of the gospel.

But even if you’re older than 19, you can still benefit from this inspired program. Doctrinal Mastery resources are available on LDS.org. These resources can help you fortify your own testimony and make great use of your scripture study time. Study with Doctrinal Mastery here.

3. General conference topical guide

If you are familiar with the Gospel Library app, you know that general conference addresses are organized by session by default. In this app and on the Church’s website, you can read, listen to, or watch these addresses.

But another page on LDS.org organizes general conference talks by topic, providing new insight on the principles taught from the pulpit. Use this topical guide to learn how Book of Mormon teachings are echoed by the Lord’s prophets today. Study with the general conference topical guide here.

4. LDS Scripture Citation Index

Speaking of general conference, the LDS Scripture Citation Index — a website developed by two BYU professors — links general conference talks with the scriptures they cite. So if you’re studying a certain verse in the Book of Mormon, this database will list every time that scripture was cited in a general conference talk — or in “Journal of Discourses” speeches or “Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith.” Study with LDS Scripture Citation Index here.

5. ‘Jesus Christ’ section on lds.org

The scriptures testify of Jesus Christ. To help you focus more on the Savior during your scripture study, try reviewing the “Jesus Christ” section on lds.org as part of your scripture study. JesusChrist.lds.org includes videos, music, addresses, articles and artwork that center on Jesus Christ and His teachings. Study the topic of Jesus Christ with lds.org here.


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