Celebrity Lookalike: Ryan LeMone as Milo Ventimiglia


Left: Ryan LeMone
Right: Milo Ventimiglia

Ryan LeMone’s wife, Cydney, has an eye for lookalikes. Three of her submissions to Utah Valley Magazine have been featured — Ryan Bunker as Andrew Lincoln, Lindsay Bunker as Gwen Stefani and now her husband as actor Milo Ventimiglia.

Milo Ventimiglia plays Jack Pearson on TV show “This Is Us.” Cydney thought her husband looked like the character when the show first aired, but when Ryan grew his hair longer, others started noticing as well. Ryan doesn’t watch the show, but he is flattered since his wife tells him that Jack Pearson is cute.

In the show, Jack Pearson works construction, and in real life Ryan also works in construction as an estimator and project manager for Complete Restoration. The twinning continues as Jack has three children and Ryan has three children of his own — Jackson, Logan and Ryder.

Ryan’s hobbies include cycling, skiing and fishing.

Who is Milo Ventimiglia?

Actor Milo Ventimiglia has recently become popular for his role as the patriarch of the Pearson family on NBC’s TV show “This Is Us.” Previous acting credits include TV shows “Gilmore Girls” and “Heroes.”

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