New light: How a former model took ownership of her new dream


Rosemary Card is the founder of Q.NOOR. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst/UV Mag)

By Sydnie Storer

Rosemary Card, a former Elite model from Salt Lake City, took her firsthand knowledge of fashion and a desire to influence for good to a whole new level in 2015 when she launched a temple dress business called Q.NOOR.

In addition to temple dresses, this BYU alumna sells nightgowns and baptism, baby blessing, and house dresses for adults and their young ones.

As an entrepreneur, Rosemary has also used her business to allow local women to showcase their own businesses as well.

“In my shop, we sell additional products like jewelry, hair accessories, beauty products and artwork. Most of these products are from local female entrepreneurs,” she says.

Rosemary hopes to help these businesswomen start out on the right foot, providing them the aid and confidence she wishes she had when she began her online store.

“Q.NOOR is more than just selling clothes — it’s morphed into a online community,” Rosemary says. “On Facebook, Q.NOOR Sisterhood is where LDS women talk about things free of judgment. I want to start conversations that people want to have but can’t because they don’t feel comfortable.”

Rosemary intends to expand Q.NOOR’s outreach by not only being a clothing company, a friend to local businesses or an online community, but also by being an educational tool. She plans to use her business as an educational medium where she can bring in speakers, qualified in their area of expertise, and have them use their skills and knowledge to address people’s concerns and questions.

Musical Idols

“I love Taylor Swift so much. I also love Sufjan Stevens, and if they did a collaboration together my mind would explode. I love Taylor because of her message about confidence and independence. I love Sufjan Stevens because he’s so unique and different.”

Typical Friday Night

“Having a barbecue in my backyard or playing a twilight round of golf with my friends.”

A Perfect Day

“Taking my dog up to Sundance and relaxing up there. My dog is my person.”

Favorite Local Restaurant

“Slab Pizza hands down. They’re so good, and they’re an excellent example of a local success story.”

Entrepreneur Inspirer

“Kortni Jeane is awesome. I love her attitude and the way she handles her company and the way she treats her employees. She does super cool patterns and loves what she has and isn’t ashamed of it.”

Fun Fact

“Before starting Q.NOOR, I filmed and produced for Bonneville Distribution.”


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