Rub-a-dub grub: Grub Pass gets Utah County residents discounts on meals


James Curran (right) says music is his hobby but entrepreneurship is his passion. He and his business partners created Grub Pass to combine local restaurants with hungry app users.

By Sydnie Storer

A five-dollar bill can give you more than you bargained for when you use Grub Pass.

The app, which was started by Nephi Casuga, Jordan Garn and James Curran (otherwise known by his musical pseudonym of JTM), gives customers $5 off every order of $10 or more during a restaurant’s slow times (typically 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. or 8 p.m. to closing).

“A small fee of $5 every month guarantees you get $5 off per meal,” James says. “We take care of the rest.”

While James’ music has hit the Billboard charts, he says music has always just been a hobby for him. His real passion is entrepreneurship.

In addition to saving money, Grub Pass promotes local businesses because the offer only applies to locally owned restaurants.

“We focus on working with places that are incredible and locally owned that you might not know about,” James says.

The idea of the app first surfaced in the minds of these entrepreneurs in 2017 when they noticed successful apps like MoviePass.

Grub Pass is currently available on iOS and Android. Learn more about the app here.


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