LDS Church announces 2-hour Sunday church block


A family in Africa uses the new at-home “Come Follow Me” curriculum. (Photo courtesy of Mormon Newsroom)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will move to a two-hour Sunday church block beginning in January 2019, the Church announced during the 188th Semiannual General Conference on Saturday morning.

Church President Russell M. Nelson announced the meeting changes are part of the “new balance between and connection gospel instruction in the home and in the Church,” calling the instruction adjustments a move to “home-centered church.”

The Church has been using a three-hour consecutive block since 1980. Prior to that, Church meetings were held throughout the Sabbath day and during the week.

“As Latter-day Saints, we have become accustomed to thinking of church’ as something that happens in our meetinghouses, supported by what happens at home,” President Nelson said. “We need an adjustment to this pattern. It is time for home-centered church, supported by what takes place inside our branch, ward, and stake buildings.”

Elder Quentin L. Cook, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, explained the changes. The new Sunday schedule will be broken into two hours with rotating classes each week.

“The Sunday Church meetings will consist of a 60-minute sacrament meeting each Sunday, focused on the Savior, the ordinance of the sacrament, and spiritual messages,” Elder Cook explained.


Following sacrament meeting, there will be a 10-minute transition period to get to classes. These classes will be 50 minutes long and will rotate between auxiliaries and Sunday school courses each week. Primary will be the only organization that has a consistent schedule. The Primary will meet for a 50-minute period each week; it will include singing time and classes. The schedule is as follows:

First week: Sunday School
Second week: Priesthood quorums, Relief Society, and Young Women
Third week: Sunday School
Fourth week: Priesthood quorums, Relief Society, and Young Women
Fifth week: Lesson under the direction of the bishop

The Church made the changes to make room of its new “at-home” curriculum. The new curriculum resource, “Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families,” will be used by children, youth, and adults beginning in January 2019. The manual will be available in 47 languages at, in print and in the Gospel Library app.

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