UV50 Startups to Watch: No. 5 Neighbor


Founded 2017 City Lehi Employees 10 Industry Technology and self-storage Website Neighbor.com Founders Joseph Woodbury, 25; Preston Alder, 26; Colton Gardner, 26 The Company A storage marketplace that connects people with things to store with people who have extra space.


Won’t you be my Neighbor? This peer-to-peer storage company (“the Airbnb of storage”) has transformed its industry, raised $2.5 million in seed round funding, and is storing up goodwill among customers. Neighbor has been featured by Inc., Fortune, and BusinessInsider.


  1. Reduce global poverty and boost the middle class by redistributing $38 billion in annual storage revenue to everyday people willing to share their space.
  2. Become the largest local marketplace in the world.
  3. Bring neighbors and communities closer together and promote local person-to-person relationships.


Great Business Minds  “Working side-by-side with coworkers in-person is motivating and productive.”

Weighing on Your Mind … “Hiring — always.”

Peace of Mind Comes From … “Hearing customers talk about connecting with the neighbor they’ve lived next to for years but have never taken the time to get to know. Hearing our hosts talk about paying their mortgage or saving for a vacation with their Neighbor earnings each month. Hearing renters talk about how convenient it is to store items just a few doors down and save thousands of dollars a year.”


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