Updated 2018 Utah County election results


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Utah County released about 17,000 more votes Friday morning. This was the first round of results released since Tuesday night.

While most of the results were similar to Tuesday night’s results, some races fluctuated. The U.S. House of Representatives District 4 race between Democrat candidate Ben McAdams and Republican candidate Mia Love is separated by less than 3 percent. Orem’s Proposition 5 to zone property for high-density housing and Provo’s police and fire facilities bond are both neck and neck races.

The next scheduled release date for election results is Tuesday, Nov. 13. Here are the election results as of Friday, Nov. 9:

U.S. Senate
Mitt Romney: 503,495 (winner)
Jenny Wilson: 255,881
Tim Aalders: 21,352
Craig R. Bowden: 18,708
Reed C. McCandless: 8,902

U.S. House of Representatives District 3
John Curtis: 122,127
James Courage Singer: 51,008
Timothy L. Zeidner: 4,145
Gregory C. Duerden: 4,115

U.S. House of Representatives District 4
Ben McAdams: 104,880
Mia Love: 99,028

Utah State Senate District 11
Dan McCay: 20,455
Christian Burridge: 9,896

Utah State Senate District 15
Keith Grover: 12,271
Lee D. Houghton: 2,001
Tommy Williams: 1,380

Utah House District 2
Jefferson R. Moss: 6,363
Tyler Allred: 1,426

Utah House District 6
Cory Maloy: 6,592 (winner)

Utah House District 27
Brady Brammer: 7,358
Elisabeth Luntz: 1,796
Joseph Geddes Buchman: 259
Curt Crosby: 191

Utah House District 48
Keven J. Stratton: 6,869
Aaron Heineman: 938

Utah House District 56
Kay J. Christofferson: 6,922 (winner)

Utah House District 57
Jon Hawkins: 5,907
Hillary Stirling: 1,649

Utah House District 59
Val L. Peterson: 5,660
Gregory Hmura: 1,077

Utah House District 60
Brad Daw: 5,352
Alan F. Keele: 1,827

Utah House District 61
Marsha Judkins: 4,691
Eric Chase: 786
Matt Styles: 482

Utah House District 63
Adam Robertson: 1,815 (winner)

Utah House District 64
Norm Thurston: 2,753
Daniel Craig Friend: 1,290
Hal Miller: 698

Utah House District 65
Francis D. Gibson: 6,879
Sue A Womack: 1,998

Utah House District 66
Mike McKell: 6,996
Paul Jones Dayton: 1,266

Utah House District 67
Marc Roberts: 6,551 (winner)

Utah House District 68
Merrill Nelson: 9,692
Merle Travis Wall: 2,140
Kirk D. Pearson: 914
Denyse Housley Cox: 538
Warren Rogers: 256

Utah County Clerk/Auditor
Amelia Powers: 78,945
Jason Christensen: 16,200

Utah County Attorney
David O. Leavitt: 80,262
W. Andrew McCullough: 16,953

Utah County Commission Seat A
Tanner Ainge: 80,032
Teri McCabe: 17,443

Utah County Commission Seat B
Bill Lee: 71,947
Jeanne Bowen: 25,987

Utah County Commission Sheriff
Mike Smith: 89,151 (winner)

State School Board District 9
Cindy Davis: 22,249
Avalie Muhlestein: 10,109

State School Board District 14
Mark A. Huntsman: 41,739 (winner)

Alpine School Board Seat 1
Julie King: 4,479
Audrey Barton: 2,547

Alpine School Board Seat 2
Amber L. Bonner: 4,011
Carla Merrill: 2,842

Alpine School Board Seat 3
Afa K. Palu: 5,187
Sarah Beeson: 4,949

Alpine School Board Seat 5
Ada Wilson: 5,187
Seth Marble: 1,257

Nebo School Board Seat 2
Scott P. Card: 4,154

Nebo School Board Seat 4
Rick B. Ainge: 2,056
Drew Daniels: 1,425

Nebo School Board Seat 5
Shannon M. Acor: 2,128 (winner)

Provo School Board Seat 1
Nate Bryson: 2,060 (winner)

Provo School Board Seat 2
Melanie Hall: 1,022
Paul R. Warner: 692

Provo School Board Seat 3
McKay R. Jensen: 1,083 (winner)

Provo School Board Seat 4
Jennifer Partridge: 1,547

Constitutional Amendment A
For: 377,902
Against: 103,854

Constitutional Amendment B
Against: 559,692
For: 213,113

Constitutional Amendment C
For: 484,703
Against: 282,204

Nonbinding Opinion Question 1 – Gas Tax
Against: 527,393
For: 273,504

Proposition Number 2 – Medical Cannabis
For: 429,446
Against: 379,303

Proposition Number 3 – Medicaid Expansion
For: 429,428
Against: 364,494

Proposition Number 4 – Redistricting
For: 392,902
Against: 384,879

Nebo School District Bond
For the issuance of bonds: 12,461
Against the issuance of bonds: 9,467

Orem Family Fitness Center and Library Hall Bond
For the issuance of bonds: 10,312
Against the issuance of bonds: 6,416

Orem Proposition 5 – Zone Change for Student Housing
For: 8,551
Against: 8,334

Pleasant Grove Proposition 8 – Parks and Recreation Facilities CARE Tax
For: 4,023
Against: 2,529

Provo Police, Fire and City Facilities Bond
Against the issuance of bonds: 6,735
For the issuance of bonds: 6,681

Spanish Fork Sales Tax for Recreational Amenities
Yes: 4,526
No: 2,495

Santaquin Tax for Parks, Arts, Recreation and Culture
Yes: 993
No: 706

Follow live election results at electionresults.utah.gov.

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