The Thankful Times: Gratitude List from UtahValley360 Staff


Top row from left: Stacy Beck, account rep; Hailey Bennett, inventory/social media; Greg Bennett, associate editor; John Stemmons, account rep; Hayley Hammarstrom, office manager; Jason Nelson, advertising manager. Front row from left: Matt Bennett, publisher; Briana Stewart, associate editor; Jeanette Bennett, editor-in-chief; Ansalee Morrison, associate editor; Dave Blackhurst, art director.

Dear Utah Valley, thanks a lot! We’re grateful and happy to tell your story all year long. While we’re all thankful for our families, our faith, our jobs, our country and “raindrops on roses,” here’s are some more “favorite things” of the Bennett Communications staff — creators of Utah Valley Magazine, Utah Valley BusinessQ, Utah Valley Bride and

“I’m grateful for the foresight of the Ashtons who created Thanksgiving Point, which has become the cultural and economic epicenter of the valley … not to mention the most delicious s’mores at Luminaria during Christmastime.”

— Jeanette Bennett, owner/editor-in-chief

“I am grateful to live in an area that has all four seasons and is filled with enterprising, good-hearted people.”

— Matt Bennett, owner/publisher

“I’m thankful for sunny days, family time and long walks to the fridge.”

— Jason Nelson, advertising manager

“Family, friends and fly fishing!”

– Dave Blackhurst, art director

“I’m grateful for family, food, festivities and freedoms. Oh, and alliteration. Always alliteration.”

— Briana Stewart, associate editor

“I’m thankful for Sonic’s Happy Hour sodas and street tacos at Pepe’s Grill. Oh, and my family and friends.”

— Greg Bennett, associate editor

“I’m grateful for the diverse beauty of this state. From red rocks to mountains, this state has it all!”

— Jessica Peterson, graphic designer

“Blanket scarves, caramel apple spice from Starbucks and pumpkin pie from Rowley’s Red Barn are receiving all my gratitude this season!”

— Haley Hammarstrom, office manager

“This season I’m especially grateful and excited for my family’s Thanksgiving weekend traditions — like a Black Friday shopping allnighter and watching ‘White Christmas’ while we decorate our Christmas tree.”

— Ansalee Morrison, associate editor

“I’m thankful for the beautiful mountains and recreational opportunities we have here in Utah Valley. I especially love being able to fly fish in the Provo River.”

— John Stemmons, account representative

“As someone who recently left Utah for East Coast living, there are a few things I miss in Utah for which I should have been more thankful. For one, the variety of restaurants around Utah County was delightful. If I wanted to, I could have tried a new restaurant every week. I’m also grateful for the entrepreneurial spirit in Utah, especially Utah County. There are so many talented people with unique ideas.”

— Rebecca Lane, web editor

“I am so grateful for the physical body of health and strength that I’ve been given. Every day is an opportunity to work, serve, rest, learn and enjoy this great state we live in.”

— Stacy Beck, account representative

“I’m thankful for family who roasts each other while playing a friendly game of dominoes, roommates who chase the BYU box drops with me and a job where we show how ‘lit’ the valley is, especially at this time of year.”

— Hailey Bennett, inventory/social media

“I am grateful for caffeine, grocery pickup and my Thanksgiving Point pass — I am clearly the parent of young children. On a less superficial note, I am thankful for my family, friends, good health and living in such a beautiful place.”

— Kate Nash, associate editor


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