Trusted Advisors: Eric Jorgensen


Caliber Home Loans: 597 S. Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Suite #9, Pleasant Grove • (801) 368-4368 •

Eric Jorgensen loves helping people finance their dreams. It’s what drew him to the mortgage industry 16 years ago.

   “I try to make the mortgage process as simple and fun as possible,” Eric says. “That’s led to some of my success. People appreciate the way I work to make the process easy.”

   Eric is opening a new location of Caliber Home Loans in one of Utah Valley’s most convenient locations — just off the Pleasant Grove Boulevard Exit — bringing one of the nation’s largest lenders to the heart of Utah County.

   Caliber Home Loans is a portfolio lender and services almost $150 billion in home loans. The firm relies heavily on technology to make applying for a mortgage and making payments convenient and straight-forward.

   “Caliber Home Loans is a direct lender, not a traditional bank,” Eric says. “It focuses on servicing the home lending market and puts its efforts into helping clients in just that arena. That makes us more competitive — we can beat banks all the time — because we aren’t focused on the other accounts and requirements of banking.”

   For clients building in Utah County, extended interest rate locks protect against rising interest rates. Clients can lock at today’s rates for the next six to 12 months during construction. If rates improve, then the mortgage slides down to the better rate.

   No one else offers this.

   Eric doesn’t just hear from clients when they are buying or selling a house. In fact, Eric has become part of the trusted advising team of thousands of Utah Valley families because of his individual service and attention to the larger financial goals of the family. For most people, their home is their largest asset. Making the best possible use of paying for that asset is key to maximizing financial opportunities.

   “I’ve always tried to put myself in other people’s shoes,” Eric says. “I work with them on identifying their long- and short-term goals. From there, we can find a solution that works for them.”

   Sometimes, that solution involves a refinance. Sometimes it means staying the course. Whatever it is, Eric helps clients navigate the mortgage industry to meet their needs.

   “I work hard to educate my clients,” he says. “They don’t work with mortgages every day, but I do. I am an expert. They can utilize my expertise in meeting their needs.”

   Eric has closed $800 million in loans over his career and has worked on everything from traditional home loans to investment loans for large condominium projects.

   He’s ready to help — regardless of what the real estate dream involves.


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