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Dr. J. Whitney Roberts | 210 N 1200 E Suite 200, Lehi    (801) 785-9517    Chiropractic Physician

   Body scanning technology is the key to Health Utah’s unrivaled weight loss system. If weight loss is harder than it should be or if you keep gaining weight despite your best efforts, it’s likely that you have unrecognized health issues that are keeping you fat.

   Dr. Whitney Roberts is the director of the only weight loss clinic in Utah utilizing non-linear bio-analysis to identify potential health problems thwarting weight loss efforts. He was the first to bring this European scanning technology to the States and pioneered its use in developing highly effective weight loss protocols customized to every individual’s particular health need.

   Some of the health issues you may unknowingly be struggling with keeping you from reaching your health and weight goals include:

• Hormone imbalances

• Candida overgrowth

• Unhealthy microbiome

• Food allergies

• Toxins

• Emotional issues

• Parasites

• Infection

• Poor sleep

• Poor digestion

   Dr. Roberts considers many factors as he customizes a weight loss program. He reviews the patient’s health history, the results of the body scan and considers the individual’s particular health and weight goals. He prescribes different therapies, food plans and protocols depending on need.

   In practice for 23 years, Dr. Roberts has refined the process with great success. His clinic is ranked as one of the top 10 weight loss clinics in the United States by Solutions4 Clinical Health.

   You can expect an amazing experience at your first visit to Health Utah. In the first 20 minutes you will lose two to four inches of fat. Yes, you read that correctly. You will be pampered with a strawberry laser lipo session where warm laser lights surround your body and cause your fat cells to shrink. During this relaxing experience, you will watch a 20-minute informational video where Dr. Roberts explains the unique therapies available in the clinic. Following your two- to four-inch fat loss, you lay in a relaxing massage chair and experience the life-changing benefits of Health Utah’s light and sound machine. It works effortlessly with your subconscious to facilitate your weight loss efforts. Then, you undergo the non-invasive body scan.

   Finally, Dr. Roberts sits down with you and reviews health history, goals and results from the scan. Whether you go to the clinic to simply learn or to find health and weight loss solutions, you will enjoy this unique experience. This entire pampered experience is discounted to $79 for Utah Valley Magazine readers. This two-hour experience is normally $289.


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