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A Private Wealth Advisory Practice of fAmeriprise Financial Services, Inc.

Wingrove & Associates, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.7730 Union Park Avenue, #300, Midvale, UT    (801) 601-9757

For 24 years, Private Wealth Advisor Bruce Wingrove has helped hundreds of people retire on their terms. He has done it through understanding the individual goals of each client. He helps clients put all the pieces of their financial life together so they have a clear picture of what everything looks like.

   “We do what we say we’ll do,” Bruce says. “If we say we’ll follow up on five items, we follow up on five items. We return calls. We answer questions quickly. That may sound simple, but we want to create a great client experience.”

   In fact, no one leaves his office without scheduling their next meeting with a clear to-do list beforehand.

   “The meeting schedule is based on what the client wants,” Bruce says. “Some clients only want to meet once a year. More commonly, we will touch base twice a year or quarterly. Whatever the case, it’s based on what the client wants to do.”

   Bruce knows there are a number of qualified, quality advisors serving Utah Valley, but he also appreciates the chance to meet with potential clients and see if they are comfortable with him. New clients (who usually have $500,000 to $5 million in assets) often come from referrals, which makes this trust easier to build from the first meeting. However, he doesn’t take that referral relationship for granted.

   “Within the first five minutes of every initial consultation, I bring up three common questions: my experience, how I get new clients and how am I paid,” Bruce says. “When we get those three things out in the open, I hope the client is comfortable to share information with me.”

   This transparency continues throughout the relationship. Each person who chooses to work with Bruce receives a written financial game plan that includes a target goal for rate of return.

   “Having this set goal of return helps us focus in on an investment strategy that will help us get there,” Bruce says. “It also keeps the client and advisor working together and on the same page.”

   A financial advisor is concerned with all areas of finances — not just asset management. Bruce and his staff educate clients on concerns like insurance, long-term care, tax planning and legacy planning.

   “A lack of protection can completely upend the best retirement income plan ever created,” Bruce says. “It’s all part of helping our clients retire the way they want to.”


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