Nanny to Network Marketing to Newlywed


Brooklin Walker works at doTERRA by day and keeps up with BYU football and the Utah Jazz in the evenings and on weekends.

Brooklin Brown Walker grew up in Mapleton, went to school in St. George, nannied in San Francisco and now makes her home in Orem with her husband, Darren. 

I grew up in Orem until my parents divorced when I was 5. After that, I moved with my mom to Mapleton. My mom remarried and I gained four new siblings. Our family got even bigger when my mom and stepdad had two children together. Having a big family is fun and a little crazy. Now the age range of the kids goes from 33 down to 14. When we get together, we end up at a park or a church building because no one’s house can hold us all!

   I was super social in high school and played tennis, which is something I picked up from my stepdad’s side of the family. After graduation, I decided to go to Dixie State University because my sister had gone there. I moved to St. George with my cousin and a few random roommates shortly after my 17th birthday. It was such a fun experience, but after a year of school, I wanted to try something else.

   My best friend from high school was a nanny in San Francisco. I did a Skype interview with a family living in an affluent town in the Bay Area called Tiburon. The interview went well and I met them for the first time in person when I was moving into their house. Crazy! The father was from China and the mother was from Thailand. They had a 6-year-old, a 4-year-old and a newborn baby. Nannying was such an eye-opening experience, and it helped me realize how I want to raise my own family someday. When I went to the park, I rarely saw other parents — it was mostly nannies like me or grandparents. The family I worked for was very education-oriented and organized. It wasn’t uncommon for playdates to be scheduled weeks in advance. I learned a lot about culture. The mom made the most amazing Thai food and they took me to lots of cool Chinese restaurants in the city.

   After a year of nannying, I came back to Utah and started working at doTERRA. I started in member services, moved up to the product department, and today I work at the company’s corporate office in Pleasant Grove. I am an account manager for the company’s Wellness Advocates. My team is over the Pacific states region and we help people manage orders and commissions. I love working at doTERRA and the people I work with.

   Eleven months ago I married my husband, Darren, from Pleasant Grove. We met on Tinder, and I hate telling people that. I didn’t want to date people from work and I wasn’t going to school, so that just happened to work for me. We were married in the Draper LDS Temple and had a small celebration with friends and family.

   My husband is very athletic so we like to play tennis together and we have season tickets to BYU football with my in-laws. We are also huge Jazz fans, and for some reason, I am especially lucky when it comes to winning Jazz tickets.

   My day-to-day life isn’t all that exciting. But I love my job, my husband and my family. And that’s all I need.


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