Weeks for Months: Singer Hilary Weeks Gifts a Year of Music


The world of music has changed in the era of Pandora, Spotify and YouTube. CD sales are down, but creativity is up for Hilary Weeks who has created a monthly delivery system for her latest album. This Woodland Hills singer-songwriter has 12 new songs produced in Nashville and ready to be distributed throughout the year in her “Live All In” package. The songs will be available in traditional CD form in 2020, but the “goodies” that come in the monthly digital package are only available to those who catch the vision of the monthly package and purchase it at liveallintoday.com (use code UVMAG15 for a 15 percent discount).

   Hilary Weeks has been writing the soundtrack to life’s journey for two decades (and even graced the cover of Utah Valley Magazine in 2012). Now she’s rerouting her own entrepreneurial journey as she is releasing her newest album in an innovative and monthly approach.

   “Each of my 12 new songs is written to encourage and uplift — they remind us that we matter and that what we do is important,” Hilary says.

   Starting Jan. 1, 2019, and continuing on the first day of each month throughout the year, Hilary will send subscribers a brand new song, lyrics, sheet music, instrumental track, memes, song studies, behind-the-scenes stories, videos and surprises.

   The new package is titled “Live All In,” and anyone who purchases it before 2018 fades out will also receive Hilary’s original Christmas song, including the instrumental track, song study and more.

   “Life is busy and we forget to pause, be still and find time to connect with God. Moments of stillness keep us from feeling frantic and frazzled and help us stay focused on what is most important,” Hilary says. “Music is a means of finding stillness, embracing life and being the best version of ourselves.”

   Learn more at liveallintoday.com and use the code UVMAG15 to get 15 percent off the package for yourself — or for the Hilary Weeks aficionado on your Christmas gift list.


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