Make Room: Sundance Tree Room is considered ‘best dining’ in Utah County


You can’t imagine how many times I get asked about the best restaurants in Salt Lake City, Park City and Utah County.

   I’ve been touring culinary destinations around the world when I will get a text asking about a dinner reservation for tonight at the “best spot.” When someone asks for “the best,” that is different than someone asking for my “favorite.”

   I have several in Park City and Salt Lake, but only one in Utah County. Without hesitation, I tell them, “The Sundance Tree Room is the best.”

   Often people reply with, “That’s great, but I was hoping for one in Utah County.”  LOL, Sundance is in Utah County!

    If you haven’t taken advantage of this culinary gem, it is only a 20-minute gorgeous drive up Provo Canyon and you are in a different world.  Sundance looks different, it smells different.

   Sundance Tree Room has a 4-star rating from Forbes Travel Guide, an rating of Excellent from the Wine Spectator, and a BOSS statue award from Utah’s Best of State. (I happen to know a bit about how hard the BOSS statues are to earn!)

   The Tree Room menu changes seasonally so there is always something new to whet my appetite, and there are plenty of selections for both the adventuresome and the traditional diner. Are you catching that I love this place?! I love the candlelit room, the live music, and I even have a favorite booth where they seat me.

   To get the most out of your night at Sundance, leave your gluten-free diet behind. The housemade bread is a must-have.

   The best appetizer is a farm egg with maple sherry cream. Feeling adventuresome? Go with kampachi tartare. Prefer traditional? Mixed green salad with candied pecans and goat cheese.

   The best entree is king salmon. Feeling adventuresome? Squab. Prefer traditional? Pepper steak. This iconic entree has been on the menu since the first day it opened.

   Save room for dessert as every one of them is fabulous.

   I usually make my way to Sundance to dine about four times a year. Can’t miss the Sundance outdoor theater and barbecue in the summer, a couple times a year to splurge with friends, and always to experience the magic of the holidays at Sundance. Dining truly doesn’t get any better in Utah County.     

   Until next time, remember to fill your life with scrumptious food and love.


Mary Crafts-Homer owns Culinary Crafts based in Pleasant Grove, and is a 15-time “Best of State” Caterer.


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  1. AvatarAdam Jube Reply

    Over the holiday parties and gatherings I ate at the tree room, the grill room, asado, La Jolla groves, and pizzeria 712. I gotta say the grill room disappointed me. The tree room was awesome but I gotta say some thing seems to have happened to La Jolla Groves- I had the best meal I have had in a long time there. I had not been in a couple years and the food was fantastic. I dare say it competes with the tree room

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