Vote for Utah Valley’s Best Auto




  1. CTD Reply

    B&B auto in Lehi is very good, the one on the list I would choose. There are several great ones not on the list although.

  2. Seth Christopher McHood Reply

    I have used Quick Quack Car Wash a lot in the last several months. It’s fast and my car always leaves looking fresh and clean!

  3. Liudmila Terebenina Reply

    This car wash is located next to my house. This is convenient for me. I use it for the second year. I wash here three cars of my family. I am membership Quick Quack. But in January 2019, the staff messed up with my payments of one of our cars so much that I refused membership Quick Quack for one of our cars. I will wash her and will pay it every time. I retained a permanent membership only for our second car. The staff is friendly. I like it here.

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