Top Docs: David D. Young, M.D.


David B. Young, M.D.
Specialty OB/GYN
Revere Health
Pleasant Grove

As a young married couple, Dr. David B. Young and his wife experienced fertility issues. The Youngs have since adopted their four children. Their difficulty to get pregnant piqued Dr. Young’s interest in obstetrics and gynecology.

After he completed a rotation in the specialty during medical school, his passion reached full term.

“Our struggles with infertility have helped me be a better doctor,” he says. “As I have patients who face that difficulty, I can tell them from a husband’s perspective and a doctor’s perspective that I know how hard and frustrating that is. I can relate to them, and it gives them a sense of trust that I am going to do what I can to help.”

Good news “Being a part of bringing life into the world is really amazing. Generally our patients are healthy, and we get to be a part of that special part of their life. I love that our patients leave the hospital happier and more fulfilled rather than leaving with a chronic illness. In a lot of areas of medicine there’s pain and suffering, and in obstetrics and gynecology there’s a lot of happiness.”

Making connections “We get to know these moms over the course of their pregnancy. If they have other kids, we get to interact with them, too. We get to know their families on a more personal level. We see the excitement that comes as they get an ultrasound, find out their gender and see pictures of their baby growing and developing. All of that comes to fruition when the baby is born. Even though I’ve been doing this for a while, when I see mom and dad get teary-eyed with joy and happiness, I still get teary-eyed because it’s a special moment for them to hold their baby for the first time.”

No quitter “The hardest part of my career is the lifestyle. In medical school, you don’t really understand how it will impact your life and your family’s life until you’re actually living it day after day, year after year, being on call during holidays and having it affect family functions. It can be hard sometimes. But there’s a lot of reward that comes from being in medicine, and it helps to balance that out.”


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