Top Docs: Matthew R. Parsons, M.D.


Matthew R. Parsons, M.D.
Specialty Ophthalmology
Excel Eye Center

Dr. Matthew R. Parsons discovered an eye for ophthalmology while writing a paper about retinal detachment for an undergrad English class.

“I think we’re all fascinated with our vision. It’s such a valuable sense for us as humans. We depend on our eyesight so much more than most other animal species,” he says.

In his 34-year career, Dr. Parsons has watched Excel Eye Center expand from three specialists to 11, with multiple locations throughout the valley. At the end of 2018, his career also took him to Mali on a humanitarian trip to perform surgeries and teach local doctors.

“There are all sorts of rewarding points in your career, but this was one of the highlights where I felt like I made a huge difference in someone’s life — to take them from not having any vision at all to be functioning well with their eyesight.”

Perks of the practice “Unlike some areas of medicine, in ophthalmology we form long-term relationships. I’ve had some patients for almost 25 years.”

Community at large “There’s a pretty significant dedication in our community to maintaining good health and preventing disease. We are progressive compared to the nation as a whole. We’re more efficient in how we take care of patients. On average, the healthcare community has more concern for the welfare of the patient than in other areas of the country.”

Trust me, I’m a doctor “It always amazes me that patients are so trusting. I grew up in this community, and some of the patients I have knew me when I was a little brat. It’s humbling to see how patients place trust in me. That’s one of the more rewarding aspects of being involved in medicine.”

Managing expectations “With ophthalmology, we generally have good outcomes. I also enjoy the drastic technological changes in ophthalmology. Now if we’re not careful, patients have unrealistically positive expectations. Sometimes we have to bring them back to earth and say, ‘You’re not going to have x-ray vision when you have your cataract taken out.’”

Excelling “Our clinic just celebrated our 100th anniversary. Since it opened, every doctor has been committed to the quality of care we like to see in a community like this. I’m very proud to be with Excel Eye Center. It’s been a big part of my life the past 28 years.”


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