Top Docs: Todd B. Engen, M.D.


Todd B. Engen, M.D.
Specialty Oculofacial plastic surgery
Excel Cosmetic Surgery Center

Dr. Todd B. Engen is a pioneer. When he started practicing in Utah 20 years ago, he was the only oculofacial plastic surgeon in the county and often had to explain his specialty to other professionals. He splits his time between elective surgeries — like blepharoplasties, botox and laser treatments — and functional surgeries— like post-trauma facial reconstruction.

“It’s been that way for years and that’s the way I want to keep it,” Dr. Engen says. “I don’t want to go all one way or another. I like the balance.”

Today there are a few other doctors who also practice his specialty in Utah Valley, and Dr. Engen loves sharing the health community with them.

Surgically speaking “I love reconstructing things. I’m the happiest when I’m in the operating room. I like the creativity that comes from it. The face requires intricate surgery. It’s exposed, so scars have to be pretty inconspicuous.”

Trust me, I’m a doctor “Whenever someone comes into the office, we have a consultation. The interview process works both ways. Not only are they getting my opinion on what options they may benefit from, but also I’m looking at them to decide if they are a patient I feel like I can make happy. If not, it’s not going to be successful even if we have a successful surgery.”

Perks of the practice “It’s a constantly evolving field — not only with patient treatments and how we administer care, but all the logistics of documenting and archiving. It’s fun and exciting because it’s not stagnant. It’s not like I’m going to do the same thing for 30 years. I have to adapt.”

Boosting confidence “For a blepharoplasty, if someone has heaviness on their lids or bags under their eyes, people are always asking if they are tired even if they’re not. A blepharoplasty essentially allows patients to see better, opens up their field of vision and makes them look and feel more refreshed.”

Excelling “I’m fortunate to do a number of humanitarian trips where I go to other parts of the world and teach about functional surgeries. A lot of times, they haven’t ever done these surgeries in the country. It’s incredibly rewarding because these doctors are hanging on every word I say.”


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