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It’s no secret that when you look your best, you feel your best. The professionals at Aesthetica in Lindon know the important role maximizing personal aesthetics plays in overall health — physical and mental.

   That’s why the highly trained and certified team offers a full range of services to help patients look and feel their best.

   Dr. Kimball M. Crofts, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has been practicing for 22 years and leads the team. With his expertise and guidance, patients know they will find the solution that is right for them. Those requiring plastic surgery are able to be treated directly by Dr. Crofts. For others, Aesthetica’s less invasive options may do the trick.

   Each patient receives a one-on-one consultation about problem areas, symptoms and possible solutions. Aesthetica Medical Spa utilizes the best available technology to help their patients get the results they want.


   CoolSculpting is the #1 non-invasive, non-surgical option for fat reduction.  The CoolSculpting certified providers at Aesthetica have the experience and knowledge to help patients looking for quick fat reduction results.

   “It takes less than an hour and patients can go back to their regular activities immediately after the procedure,” says Morgan Brittain, a body contouring specialist at Aesthetica.

BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy

   As people age, hormone production changes and can affect the way they feel. Aesthetica is proud to offer BioTE hormone replacement for their patients seeking to restore their normal hormonal balance. BioTE hormones are unique because they contain bio-identical hormones derived from natural sources.

   “I love that BioTE hormone replacement therapy is easy and convenient,” says Stephanie Godfrey, a nurse practitioner and injector at Aesthetica. “Our patients receive two to four pellet insertions per year. That way, they don’t have to think about it and the hormones are available when the body needs them.”

FemTouch Vaginal Laser

   With age and childbirth, symptoms of declining vaginal health are common among women. The FemTouch laser treatment relieves vaginal dryness, improves stress urinary incontinence and enhances vaginal tightening. Patients also report improved satisfaction with sexual intercourse.

   “Our vision is to use leading-edge technology and treatments to offer patients a comprehensive approach to health and wellness,” Dr. Crofts says. “FemTouch fits that vision by delivering consistent results for our patients”.

No matter the level of treatment needed, beauty and wellness can be found at Aesthetica.

Medical Tip: Know your options. No two patients are the same and no two problems are, either. Aesthetica is a full-service medical spa and plastic surgery center that specializes in offering customized solutions that work for each patient individually. Aesthetica is about real results for real patients.
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