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Those of us who live in Utah Valley have felt the comfort and reassurance that comes from the mountain setting and tranquil way of life. Its location in Provo is one of the tools Ardu Recovery Center uses to help addicts get their lives back.

   Ardu Recovery Center is an 80-bed, medically assisted detox and residential treatment center designed with the people of the community in mind. Located on expansive grounds with plenty of fresh air and mountain views, Ardu’s clients have the opportunity to relax and recover. One of the more innovative centers in the state, Ardu offers potential clients and patients a myriad of solutions.

   Ardu Recovery Center’s multi-faceted approach includes medical detoxification for all substances, including alcohol. A full-time, on-site medical provider, Blake Rapier, PA-C (certified in addiction medicine) compliments a 24/7 nursing staff and experienced physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, Jeff Randle, MD. This is truly unique in Utah Valley. Graduated clients and community members alike can take part in a la carte recovery services such as IV Amino Acid Replacement Therapy and Vibroacoustic Lounges, coupled with individual therapy on an outpatient basis. Graduated clients also have the option to continue seeing Ardu’s medical provider for continued services.

   Utah Valley has long needed a treatment center with such a comprehensive program. In addition to their unique medication assisted detox, the therapeutic staff offers a compassionate, shame-free approach that encourages open and honest communication. Ardu’s therapy team helps those struggling with addiction and mental health issues truly get to the root of their issues and come out a happier, healthier self.

   Using modalities such as motivational interviewing and emotionally focused therapy empowers addicts and their families to accept the past and move forward to a bright and promising future.

   As part of their curriculum, Ardu also offers a wide variety of different group therapy topics to their residents, including — but not limited to — everything from nutrition, fitness and yoga, to music and art therapy.

   Ardu’s all-inclusive approach boasts high-end amenities such as a float spa, massage therapy and gourmet meals served in a spacious café — without the high end expense.

   All of these services and therapies have brought about a change in how we think about addiction treatment here in Utah Valley. Additionally, Ardu accepts most insurances, making treatment for those struggling available to the masses and achieving the ultimate goal of helping their clients “treat the biology of their addiction.”

Medical Tip: Take a holistic approach to recovery, combining holistic and medicinal techniques allows for the most significant and meaningful recoveries for addiction recovery. Teaching healthy coping mechanisms helps maintain recovery long after residents leave Ardu Recovery Center.
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