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Elaine C. Carter’s mother lost most of her eyesight to glaucoma, so when Elaine started noticing some clouding in her vision when she was in her 60s, she quickly made a call to Excel Eye Center.

   “I’m a widow and know I wouldn’t be able to live on my own now if it hadn’t been treated by the great doctors at Excel Eye Center,” she says.

   Over the years she has been treated by several doctors at Excel. She is now being managed by Dr. Mason Schmutz, a glaucoma specialist.

   “Glaucoma usually presents slowly and early symptoms are difficult to notice,” Dr. Schmutz says. “Unfortunately, glaucoma damage is irreversible and can progress to blindness if left untreated.”

   For this reason Elaine — an emeritus professor at UVU — stays actively involved in her own treatment.

   “I’m careful and diligent,” she says. “I call the clinic with concerns and questions, and they are always great to assist. The doctors I’ve seen there have not only been skilled at what they do, but they are caring people, too.”

   Elaine sees Dr. Schmutz three to four times a year to effectively follow and manage her glaucoma.

   “The good news is that with treatment glaucoma can be controlled and vision loss can be stopped,” Dr. Schmutz says. “We have many treatment options for glaucoma, starting with eye drops and in some cases progressing to laser or surgical intervention.”

   Dr. Schmutz is an expert in traditional glaucoma surgery as well as a new class of surgeries called “Minimally” (or “Micro”) Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS).”

   Excel Eye Center has 11 ophthalmologists and three optometrists ready to treat a wide-range of vision issues.


   Glaucoma is a common cause of progressive permanent vision loss, affecting around 2 percent of the population over 40 in the United States. Family history and aging are risk factors for glaucoma. Regular eye exams are important to initiate treatment and prevent vision loss. Glaucoma can often be controlled with eye drops alone. Sometimes laser or surgical intervention is necessary.


   Excel Eye Center provides state-of-the-art technology for blade-free custom LASIK and PRK, as well as other refractive surgery options such as secondary lens implants (ICLs).


   Cataracts are one of the most common causes of vision loss. They cause cloudy vision by blocking the passage of light. However, vision can be easily restored with outpatient, no-stitch small incision surgery.

   Advanced surgical techniques remove the damaged lens and replace it with a plastic lens implant. These techniques allow for faster recovery and improved visual outcomes.

Retinal Disease

   Dr. Jon Gunther specializes in the treatment of medical diseases of the retina including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and vessel occlusion.

Cornea & External Disease

    Corneal diseases — ranging from dry eyes and infections to progressive diseases such as keratoconus and Fuch’s dystrophy — can result in chronic pain and vision loss. Dr. Justin Wilkinson specializes in the treatment of corneal diseases including advanced techniques of corneal transplantation surgery. Dr. Scott Lohner treats dry eye patients with Lipiflow, state-of-the-art treatment for chronic dry eyes.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

   Dr. Scott Yeates leads the Excel Eye Center’s pediatric team specializing in eye care for children, adolescents and adults with strabismus.


Ophthalmology & Optical

   Excel Eye Center provides routine and comprehensive eye care including a full optical care center for glasses and contact lenses.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

   Excel Cosmetic Surgery Center — with Dr. Todd Engen — provides the best in eyelid and facial rejuvenation surgery.

Facial Rejuvenation

   Dr. Engen specializes in facial rejuvenation with options ranging from Botox and Juvederm injections to the most recent facial aesthetic treatments.

Medical Tip: Pink eye, in general, is not a serious problem. Often, it is caused by the same viruses that cause head colds and has no treatment other than supporting the body developing an immune response to the virus. What to do? Remove contact lenses, use cold compresses, practice lots of hand hygiene and limit other people’s contact with the watery discharge. Seek prompt medical attention from an ophthalmologist if the vision becomes blurry, eyes become very light sensitive and painful, or if it doesn’t resolve within one to two weeks.

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