Medical Profiles: Michael D. Marion, M.D.


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You. Enhanced. Dr. Michael Marion’s motto reflects his desire to maintain a patient’s personal identity. When considering cosmetic treatments, one must understand the variety of options available. Dr. Marion is a double board-certified plastic surgeon and takes the time to discuss each option that can help his patient reach his or her goals. There is a wide spectrum of possibilities.

   Dr. Marion was appointed to the Mentor Leadership, Experience and Development (LEAD) Advisory Board.  He is excited to be in partnership with such an elite group of the most experienced breast augmentation surgeons in the United States. The LEAD Advisory Board helps guide Mentor in developing breast implants, which better equip plastic surgeons to meet patient needs and preferences.

   A recent trend in cosmetic beast surgery is toward a modest or more natural appearance. Many women are hoping to get their breasts back to the size or shape they were prior to having children, not making them look obvious or unnatural. Women are also engaging in higher levels of intense physical activity, and they find that large implants impair their ability to be as active as they would like.

Dr. Marion advises patients who are looking for a more natural breast appearance to consider the option of smaller, more proportionate implants.

   Other options he recommends are a tear-drop or “gummy bear” style implant, or possibly a fat transfer procedure where fat from a less desirable area of the body is harvested and used to give volume to the breast.

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