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Branton J. Richter, D.D.S. Kimball Burton, D.D.S. • 3300 N. Running Creek Way, #F-101 (across from Micron/IM Flash), Lehi (801) 766-2266

Dry Creek Pediatric Dentistry knows that one of the most important factors in good dental care throughout life is having positive dental experiences as a child.

   “Our philosophy is that it is as important for a child to have a positive experience at our office as it is to get the dental work completed,” Dr. Branton Richter says.

   With the practice’s movement into laser dentistry, children have a preferred alternative to drills and shots. Laser dentistry allows minimally invasive access and filling of cavities, leaving as much healthy tooth structure as possible.

   Better yet, laser dentistry typically requires no anesthetic or shot, so children don’t have to worry about having a numb mouth for several hours after their visit.

    Dr. Richter and his staff have specialized training that facilitates expert care for children’s unique dental needs.

   To best serve the practice’s pediatric patients and parents, Dry Creek Pediatric Dentistry also benefits from the skilled service of Dr. Kimball Burton.

   “Our No. 1 goal is to make every dental visit a positive experience and as care-free as possible,” Dr. Richter says. “With Dr. Burton joining the Dry Creek family last year, we have been able to continue to bring the best in dental care and offer a more convenient experience for our patients.”

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Medical Tip: Kids don’t like needles. When parents mention going to the dentist or doctor, the first words they often hear from children are, “Do I have to get a shot?” Dr. Branton Richter and Dr. Kimball Burton understand kids — they are fathers themselves — and know that using laser treatments to complete dental work means one very important thing to their patients — no shots. This dedication to patient comfort motivates them to stay up to date on the latest in effective, shot-free dental care. When kids ask if they will get a shot at Dry Creek’s office, more often than not parents can say, “No!”
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