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K. Cheyn Gunnerson, D.M.D., P.C. 33 W. 300 S., Payson (801) 658-0105

Earlier this year, Dr. K. Cheyn Gunnerson of Gunnerson Dental and his staff began presenting the NuCalm option to patients as part of their overall comfort menu during dental appointments and cleanings.

   The unique NuCalm high-tech, drug-free stress-relief system (without side effects) is so popular among patients, the practice now offers a relaxation membership plan consisting of multiple hour-long sessions that can be used by anyone in the family, either during a dental appointment or just for a getaway from daily stress.

   “As much as your eyes are the window to your soul, your mouth is the window to your overall health,” Dr. Gunnerson says. “And overall health is our goal. So, when we find new tools — like NuCalm — that focus on the mind, body and soul, and it’s making a difference in our own lives, we want everyone to know about it. For our practice, it’s about much more than teeth. We help people take their lives back from the daily stress, pressure and health issues brought about by their fast-paced lives.”

   Increasingly, Dr. Gunnerson is seeing people with fatigue, who can’t sleep, don’t eat right and don’t get enough exercise. There are also a number of patients with pre-diabetes and sleep apnea requiring prescription drugs to relax. NuCalm enables them to be stress-free, ready to face the world with a more relaxed outlook — long after they leave the office.

   The first use is complimentary. At future appointments, there’s a $45 fee. Today, more patients are coming to the office between appointments just for the NuCalm relaxation experience. With the NuCalm membership plan, patients can purchase five sessions for $200, 10 sessions for $375 or 20 sessions for $700.

   Of the 1,500+ dentists in Utah, only nine offer NuCalm. Dr. Gunnerson — practicing since 1996 — recently became the only Certified NuCalm Provider (CNP) in Utah, attesting to his expertise, successful use and belief in the system’s attributes.

   “We want patients to feel like they’re relaxing at home rather than sitting in a dental chair,” Dr. Gunnerson says. “We understand that going to the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience. I think every patient from 16 to 100 should use it. I was using a unit regularly at home for my own mental health — until my 21 year-old daughter ‘borrowed’ it.”

   Using NuCalm, patients remain awake in a naturally relaxed state. Their minds often wander and focus on things other than their treatment, reducing nervousness or anxiety. The treatment is so relaxing, it can help improve sleep for people with moderate sleep apnea.

   Dr. Gunnerson graduated from the University of Utah and continued his education at Oregon Health Sciences University where he graduated with honors. A member of the Utah Dental Association and the American Dental Association, he has built a reputation for leading-edge technology and techniques and has also created a unique In-House Dental Membership Plan for patients without dental insurance to help them save on dental care. He is also a member of the Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

   The bilingual (English/Spanish) staff welcomes patients from throughout southern Utah County, including Santaquin, Salem, Spanish Fork, Elk Ridge, Woodland Hills, Nephi and beyond. Payson is 15 miles from Provo.

Medical Tip: Did you know your mouth is a window to your overall health? Early signs of cancer and disease can be found in your mouth. During regular preventative care visits, Dr. Gunnerson’s patients receive an oral cancer screening where hygienists check for warning signs. At Gunnerson Dental, they care about more than just teeth.
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