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Becca’s Pet Salon in Orem is barking with fuzzy friends and fur real love

Utah Valley Magazine: What made you want to go into pet grooming?

Becca Smith: I’ve loved animals ever since I can remember and have always wanted to work with them. I opened Becca’s Pet Salon in March 2011. Eight years!

UV: What animals do you work with the most?

Becca: The most common breed we see in the salon are Goldendoodles (poodle-retriever cross). They have become increasingly popular in Utah County. We don’t see a lot of the larger terrier breeds.   

UV: What’s it like to have your clientele bark but not talk?

Becca: It requires a lot of patience, but it can be very peaceful.

UV: What’s the biggest misconception about pets in Utah?

Becca: The biggest misconceptions about pets (specifically dogs) in Utah are they don’t need regular grooming and they can’t understand us. All dogs need regular grooming and upkeep to remain healthy. Dogs can understand many of our words and even more emotions.

UV: What do you think animals would say to us if they could talk?

Becca: That they love us and will keep all of our secrets for us.


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