Winter Fun: Heber Valley/Midway


In the Heber Valley, snow news is good news. An array of winter adventures abound just beyond Provo Canyon. Heber and Midway have surprises up their higher-elevation sleeve.

1. Ice Castle
Ice castles originated with “Frozen” and with Utah, where a man from California was focused on entertaining his kids during the colder months. Located on the Homestead Resort grounds, Midway’s Ice Castle is open for visitors as long as the structure remains frozen (fingers crossed for plenty of sub-32-degrees). On a warmer note, fire performances ignite Friday and Saturday nights.


2. Heber Creeper
As an historic artifact of transportation between Heber and Provo, the Heber Valley Railroad still takes guests on scenic and special event rides regularly. In the months of January and February, the choo-choos include the Chinese New Year Train, Chocolate Lovers Train, Broadway Show Tunes Train and the Valentines Special Evening.


3. Tubing at Soldier Hollow
Soldier Hollow takes sledding to new heights and lows. Available at the Soldier Hollow Nordic Center, guests bounce into winter tubes. Step one: Grab a snow tube and then lounge on a conveyor lift as it takes you to the top of the hill without you getting out of breath. Step two: Slide down 1,200 feet of snow at exhilarating speeds. Step three: Repeat while laughing all the way until the end of your reservation time. Guests can book tickets online for a two-hour window of snow tubing.


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  1. AvatarTed Christenen Reply

    The Midway Ice Castles are awesome. By day, they are spectacular; by night when the awesome frozen figures are highlighted with shimmering lights of all different colors, the are even more stunning.

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