Iconic Face: Barbara Barrington


Hats off to the grandmother of philanthropy in Utah Valley. Barbara Barrington Jones moved to our community full-time seven years ago and has been brimming with generosity ever since. As the lead funder of UVU’s Wee Care Center, Thanksgiving Point’s Museum of Natural Curiosity and the brand-new Butterfly Biosphere, Jones has brought class and coin to the county.

   Now in her mid-70s, her legacy began decades ago as a professional ballerina and then as a speaker and trainer for young women pursuing pageants and professionalism. Her “Be the Best You” summer camps have built confidence in thousands of young women who look to her as an example of a life well loved.

   UVU awarded her an honorary doctorate of Fine Arts and Humanities, and she has also kept her ballet slippers in play with lead roles in Ballet West productions such as the queen in “Swan Lake.”

   The Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation has its names on buildings around Utah Valley, but much of her legacy is a quiet, lead role as the matron of our community.


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