Lehi’s Kim Christenson has a common name but an uncommon passion for mindfulness and journaling.

   “I’ve kept journals since I was 5 and have filled more than 30 of them,” says this mother of 3. “These books of my life, thoughts and raw writing are so precious to me.”

   Kim’s daily writing practice led to a career in magazine writing, corporate naming and social media influencing. She also appeared on an episode of “House Hunters.” Her variety of work experiences are documented and reflected in her own style of journaling, and now she teaches friends and followers how to get to know themselves through putting words together with pen and paper.

   Through her Instagram account @talkwordytome, Kim brought mindfulness to mind. And then in 2018 with her business partners, she created hard-bound, soft-hearted Loom Journals. Their Kickstarter project was funded in fall 2018 within 2.5 hours. Nearly 1,000 backers voted with their clicks and dollars.

   “The Loom Journal allows parents to slow down and give off-screen, one-on-one attention to children,” she says. “The journal is a safe place for both of you to ask questions, write openly about fears, dreams and struggles, and make memories together.”

   Parents and children pass the journal back and forth, with prompts such as, “Some things I’d like to do together soon …” and “Some ways we’re alike …”

   “I believe in the power of writing down our thoughts, emotions and wildest dreams,” Kim says. “I believe even more in the importance of connecting deeply with our children, especially when there are so many distractions to keep families overbusy and fragmented.”

   Special edition Loom Journals are being sent to refugee families in the Middle East to provide hope and connection.

   To see available colors and find more information, visit loomjournals.com or find the local brand on social media.

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